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Reggina’s “Fair Play” Goal against Ascoli – Video

Legal and ethical questions surround Ascoli’s decision to allow Reggina to score an unopposed goal in an effort to balance out a previous incident during an Italian second division (Serie B) match on Saturday.

Early in the first half, Reggina’s Carlos Valdez pulled a muscle and attempted to kick the ball out of play so he could receive treatment. Oblivious to those intentions, Ascoli’s Vincenzo Sommese intercepted the ball and set up teammate Mirko Antenucci for a goal as Reggina players protested.

A brawl ensued and Reggina defender Andrea Costa was sent off for hitting Sommese. Once the fury subsided and play resumed, Ascoli, sitting in the relegation zone at the bottom of the Serie B table, stood still to allow Reggina striker Biagio Pagano to score an uncontested goal in an attempt at fairness.

Ascoli’s gesture did not bring them good karma for the rest of the match, though, as they lost 3-1 even though Reggina was a man down.


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