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Robert Pires In Negotiations With MLS Club

Former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires is reportedly in negotiations with MLS.

The 36-year old former France international is believed to be considering an offer made by MLS and if he agrees, he could be in the USA this summer according to his US representative.

According to Memed Djemmal : “There is an offer on the table from an MLS team and we’re trying to work the details,”

“The negotiation is in progress and we are working on the details. It’s just a matter of him finishing at Villarreal properly because he has a super relationship with the club there.”

Djemmal also revealed that there was a slight possibility that the deal could be pushed through before Thursday’s transfer deadline but said it was unlikely.

“He could have a chance,” Djemmal added. “I doubt it will happen before the 15th – it’s 70-30 that it does not happen. Villarreal would have agreed. But there are many factors. It would have to be a quick decision and he has two very young kids. It is too quick a decision to come by April 15. He wanted to finish the season there [at Villarreal].”

And it seems as though Pires, who won the 1998 World Cup, is keen to spend some time in the States playing soccer.

“I think [the U.S.] is still new on the mind of the French players,” Djemmal added further. “The experience is very minimal for French players in the USA. [Pirès] has a desire and is excited. He has an interest to play and to come to the USA. It would be a new adventure for him. He’s thirsty to play two, three and four more years. He wants a long contract.”

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