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Ronald De Boer Backing Louis van Gaal Amidst Man Utd Criticism

It has been reported that former Dutch star Ronald De Boer has defended Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal amid the reports that the club’s senior players are not happy with his training methods.

Louis van Gaal 10

De Boer, who has previously played under Van Gaal at Ajax and in the Holland national team, feels the criticism levelled at the United manager is baseless.

He told talkSPORT: “I think it’s normal when you have a transition with coaches, there are always people who like to stay in their comfort zone and have no change.

“But some people think change is good and I think that is more important. You have to have a change once in a while.

“I think Louis is directly adapting some players and I think that takes time and I think we saw that for many years with him.

“At the end everybody believed in his way of thinking and everybody was getting the same ideas. I think that’s the transition he is in now I guess.

“I think it [the criticism] is unfair. He has his own philosophy and ideas and he’s very difficult to push him aside.

“That’s also his strength because as a manager you need your own philosophy and in the end he has strong belief of where he will end up with his team and that’s a strong point for him.”

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