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Ronaldinho determined to be part of World Cup 2010


More footballing news are out and it has been reported that Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho is determined to be a success at AC Milan next season and wows play his way back into the Brazil squad.

It is believed that Ronaldinho said that he will absolutely return to the international level, and that will be an achievement for him and also his family. The player also added that next year there will be the World Cup and he wants to be a part of it and that is why he needs to have a great year in Milan.

The player also added that he is not angry for not being in South Africa with the national team, but that he is sad.

This is because he has been a member of the Brazilian National team for a long time and he was also their captain. Ronaldinho said that he wants to return and for this he must have an excellent season with AC Milan.

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