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Ronaldo wants to be hated


Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he does not care if he is hated for moving to Real Madrid.

It is a wide known fact that the Portugal winger will leave Manchester United in an £80million deal at the end of the month.

It is believed that Ronaldo forced the move through by telling boss Alex Ferguson he did not want to stay at Old Trafford.

it is also reported that Ronaldo said that he loves it when people jeer him. He added that he love to see the hate in the fans eyes and to hear the insults. It does not bother him at all.

Ronaldo also said that it is true that lots of people hate him but there are even more who loves him and who supports him.
Ronaldo added that he only feels bad when he is playing badly, which rarely happens.

Ronaldo insists he left United to improve himself as a player. Ronaldo added that he still has a long way to go and that he really wants to re-write the history of football.

Ronaldo also went on to say that he is aware that he is already among the best of the best but said that he wants to continue to write many more beautiful pages in history.

Ronaldo was outshone by Barcelona’s Lionel Messi in last month’s Champions League final in Rome but he insists is not interested in comparing himself to the Argentinian.

Ronaldo said that he has nothing to envy Lionel for and that he don’t compare himself to others.

Ronaldo also went on to say that he can win more medals than anybody else.

Ronaldo also finished by saying the fans want to see a great Cristiano Ronaldo so he will try to never disappoint.

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