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Rooney Trimming Down Training With Utd to Stay Fresh for England

Wayne Rooney says he has the ideal way to remain fresh through this season and retain his form for England at the World Cup in South Africa, he simply just skips training at Man Utd!.

Rooney, who came face to face with the World Cup trophy in London yesterday, will carry the hopes of the nation when England head for South Africa this summer.

The 24-year-old has been in such outstanding form for United it has raised fears among England fans that he cannot maintain the same standard right through to June.

But Rooney has revealed that he has cut down on the amount of training he does at United to ensure he stays fresh.

He said: ‘I am enjoying my football and playing well and managing myself better and that’s paying off. I am not doing every training session whereas normally I would train as hard as I can every session.

‘It’s not due to my knee but I have played a lot of games this year and it is about reining myself in in training. I am getting a bit older and wiser now.’

Rooney stressed he will continue to play for England when he physically can. The striker was criticised by boss Sir Alex Ferguson at the weekend for playing in a friendly against Egypt last week despite carrying a knee injury.

He said: ‘I am proud to play for my country and I want to play for them unless I really can’t.’

Rooney has 30 goals in all competitions this season, raising hopes he can surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s 42-goal haul of two years ago.

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