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Ross Barkley Admits Learning From Arsenal Stars Cazorla, Ozil

Reports are out claiming that Everton ace Ross Barkley admits he spend his off time studying videos of some of the game’s greats.

Ross Barkley 1

Barkley has turned to the internet to study legends like Zidane, Paul Gascoigne and Paul Scholes to help him fully realise his huge potential.

“Zidane was my favourite player growing up. I always watch clips of him. The way he moves with the ball, dictates play and creates chances,” he told the Mirror.

“I watch clips of all players. I watched Mesut Ozil in the summer, and Yaya Toure. When I am at home and there is no footy on the telly, I will put YouTube on and watch clips.

“It won’t be just the best clips, it will be clips of what they do throughout the whole game.

“I’ve been watching Santi Cazorla. He’s good at creating chances and dictating play for the size of him. He is a great player.

“Who else? Paul Scholes. I’ve watched clips of Gascoigne, too, in that match against Holland (at Euro 96) when he ran the game.

“I try to replicate what I have seen. I think it’s good to do that. I will try to take bits into training. I will work on stuff that they are good at. You try to pull it off in training and then take it into games.”

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