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Ryan Babel Ready To Quit Liverpool In January


Winger Ryan Babel rocked Liverpool last night by telling them that he will leave in January if thing don’t improve.

The Dutch international winger, now age 22, insists that his career has stalled at Anfield and he blames Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez.

Babel told reporters that he tried talking to the manager but it was no point and that he could not really do anything with the feedback Benitez gave him.

Babel also revealed that the parties have agreed to look at his situation during the winter and if there is no improvement then, he will look for another team.

Babel’s bombshell comes as the Reds prepare for tonight’s must-win Champions League group game at Hungarian side Debrecen, a match that could decide Benitez’s future on Merseyside.

The forward, who scored a long-range stunner in Liverpool’s last Euro game in Lyon, added he does not play a lot so he can’t be happy and can’t cheer out loud.

He added that certain emotions are blocked and that they are pushed back by all the worries he carries with him.

Babel also said that sometimes he wonders how long can he sustain it but said that he will fight for his position as there is nothing else he can do.

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