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Ryan Giggs Wants The Top Job With Wales

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has revealed that he is eyeing the top job with Wales.

It is said that Giggs, who quit international football in 2007, is keen to follow in the footsteps of Mark Hughes and become the boss in the future.

Giggs told reporters that : “If you go into management then the big job you want is to manage your country.”

“I’ve always used the Sparky situation where one minute he was playing for Wales, Bobby Gould got sacked and then Sparky was manager.

“All you can do is get your qualifications and be as prepared as you can be.

“I’m halfway through my A licence but I know I will miss football.

“When I have a couple of weeks off in the summer, I’m glad of the rest but then I get bored and want to get straight back into pre-season. I will need to do something.”

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