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Saha Reveals Depression Nearly Made Him Quit Footbal

Saha 1

Everton striker Louis Saha has revealed how depression drove him to the brink of quitting football.

The striker suffered twenty three separate injuries during four years at Manchester United before arriving at Everton in the summer of 2008.

It was said that Saha had such a reputation as a crock that he was forced to train without wages and agree a two-year ‘pay-as-you-play’ deal.

His injuries saw him miss United’s 2008 Champions League final triumph and the French international, now age 31, has scored seven goal in eight games for Everton this season.

Saha told reporters that he was aware there was unease among team-mates and United fans every time he made a comeback. He said that they were worried that he would have a relapse and that made him more concerned.

Saha however added that he has made a miraculous recovery and the fact that he is still out there playing proves that he is mentally strong to do it.

Everton striker James Vaughan, 21, is out for up to three months after surgery to repair a fresh cartilage tear.

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