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Santi Cazorla Insists Arsenal Determined To Go Far In The Champions League

Santi Cazorla has declared that Arsenal are determined to give the Champions League a shake this season.

Santi Cazorla

The Spanish international admits they will not be taking teams for granted this time around, putting the emphasis on a ‘step by step’ approach.

He told IBTimes: “The Champions League is a competition that we really love. We want to go as far as possible but we have to go step by step.

“We cannot put more pressure than we already have. We hope to have a good start in Zagreb and then go little by little.

“We have the example last year against Monaco. Many said that we were the favourites to go through but they showed us that in the Champions League if you are not at your best you’re out.

“In this competition you face the best teams in Europe – this season we have to go step by step.”

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