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Silvio Berlusconi Defends AC Milan Clearout : We’re Still Strong!

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has assured fans their ambitions remain the same despite the squad’s clearout.

The former Italian Prime Minister moved to reassure anxious fans that the summer revolution at San Siro will not affect their ambitions.

The 75 year old said : “I believe the present Milan side, contrary to what journalists say, is a strong squad with five super champions in attack which no other Italian team can match,”.

“We feel very strong and I’m certain we will be protagonists in Serie A. I have faith in a good season.

“The economical situation doesn’t allow us to have highly-paid players, like those which have marked our previous transfer campaigns. Milan can’t afford that, but it doesn’t mean we are giving up on winning.

“It means that we have to develop a strong youth system and a network of scouts who are on the hunt right across the world.

“Barcelona did that and we have to follow that path to construct a strong and winning Milan. My Milan started that way under Arrigo Sacchi.

“I tell the fans to stay calm. There is an opportunity to play an entertaining and effective brand of football, even in a climate where we can’t afford any crazy spending.

“They shouldn’t be scared of change, but they need patience. It will take longer than one season.”

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