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Sir Alex Pays Tribute to Sir Bobby Robson – Video

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson moved the football world with his warm and generous tribute to former England boss Sir Bobby Robson at his thanksgiving service at Durham Cathedral. Here we print Ferguson’s tribute in full ….

‘In 1981 my old team, Aberdeen, are drawn against Ipswich Town. Excitement generated right through me. Not meeting Ipswich, to meet Bobby Robson.

‘In 1974 a young journalist who I knew very well in Scotland, called Mel Henderson, decided to leave Scotland to be a PA to Bobby at Ipswich. We kept close touch and for seven years it was rammed down my throat what a great man this was. He was fantastic. The eulogies were unbelievable. So you can imagine the trepidation I had at coming to meet this great man.

‘I went down to see them play in a mid-week match and on the Tuesday morning Mel phoned me at the hotel and said: “Alex, Bobby would like to see you this morning.” I said: “Good”.

‘So I went up to the training ground there was Bobby in his blue tracksuit. So we had a cup of tea and a chat and he said: “Do you fancy coming to watch us train?” I said: “Yeah, that would be great.”

‘Now that was one of the fundamental truths about football. There are no secrets. It’s how you impart your knowledge.

‘I went to watch his training and they were doing the whole thing for me to see and we’re playing them in two weeks’ time. And I took one of his passing drills up to Aberdeen and used it for many years, then I took it to Manchester and used it for many years there too.

‘And it told you something about the generosity of him, that opened your eyes. And that was my first big influence – as it was then as it is now.

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