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Sir Alex To Send A Formal Apology To The FA


Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is to send a letter of apology to FA chiefs in a late bid to escape a rap for his blast at ref Alan Wiley.

It is said that Sir Alex has until Friday morning to submit his response to Soho Square supremos after they asked him to explain his outburst against referee Alan Wiley.

It is said that Sir Alex will return from holiday in the next 24 hours and set about trying to resolve the issue once and for all and it is understood that United officials have drafted an apology on his behalf to be sent to the FA.

Ferguson has already said sorry to Wiley ‘for any personal embarrassment’ in a statement on the club’s website and now he is hoping a more formal apology will help him avoid an improper conduct charge.

However Sir Alex fears that it will make no difference because of the pressure being heaped on the FA to punish him.

Fergie has told sources it would be impossible for him to receive a fair hearing following the publicity surrounding the case.

He is understood to be fuming at the campaign raging against him and believes it is being fuelled by people close to top-flight refs.

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