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Sorcerer Cast A Spell on “Barbie” Ronaldo

We all knew Cristiano Ronaldo was kinda gay but “Pepe” the sorcerer took things a little further by claiming that Ronaldo is quite a “Barbie”.

Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo is at the centre of a sordid battle between sorcerers with one trying to ruin him on behalf of a spurned lover and another to save him, reports said Wednesday.

“A rich foreign woman who was betrayed” has paid a Spaniard nicknamed Pepe to “end Ronaldo’s career,” Correio da Manha daily said.

Ronaldo, who is often photographed with a beautiful young woman on his arm, is currently carrying an ankle injury, and the sorcerer Pepe is claiming credit for it.

Pepe was pictured holding a black wax doll and a photo of the Real Madrid forward with his name scrawled across it.

The sorcerer has refused to identify the scorned woman he claims has already paid him 15,000 euros, Correio da Manha said.

“She paid me to end Cristiano Ronaldo’s career and I’m doing that,” Pepe was quoted as saying.

“It’s a job, I have nothing against him personally, but I’ll see it through,” he added.


A video tribute to Real Madrid’s Barbie:

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