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Steven Gerrard Still Waiting On Rooney To Deliver

England captain Steven Gerrard has revealed that he is still hoping Wayne Rooney can light up the World Cup by scoring plenty of goals.

The 24-year old striker still holds the key to England’s World Cup chances which was acknowledged by Gerrard who is looking for the Manchester United star to deliver.

Gerrard told reporters that : “I’ve said all the way through qualifying, if we get to the World Cup we’d need Wayne to be our top goalscorer,”.

“He has to score the goals to take us to the later stages because he’s our main player.

“We had a fantastic understanding in qualification. I like playing with good players and I enjoy playing with Wayne.

“I’ll certainly be looking to link up well with him.

“Hopefully I can provide a goal for him to get off the mark. Wayne needs a goal.”

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