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Streaker Runs on The Pitch in England & Referee Attacked in China – Video

 Streaker Runs On Pitch England V Germany for the Sir Bobby Robson Trophy:

While in China, it was worst,members of the Tianjin football team chased and physically attacked the referee after a match in Beijing.

According to the news story, on 26 July, members of the Tianjin team who were dissatisfied with the referee’s decisions during a match against Beijing chased and attacked head referee He Zhi-biao at the end of the match, “causing general chaos in the stadium, and continuing the ‘great war’ between between the Beijing and Tianjin football teams.”

“Once the whistle blew to signal the end of the match, Tianjin goal keeper Li Gen rushed over to head referee He Zhi-biao and began to verbally abuse him, accusing him of unfairness in his decisions. He Zhi-biao attempted to avoid Li Gen, and walked towards the stadium exit. At this point, Tianjin team member, Hao Tan-jiao, rushed over the rushed past security guards, and Tianjin players began to attack the head referee on the field. He Zhi-biao, after falling to the ground, crawl up again and rushed towards the exit, while Tianjin players were prevented from pursuing him by security guards.”

Those chinese guys really really love their Kung-Fu


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