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Thibaut Courtois Remains Unsure Of Chelsea Future

It has been reported that Thibaut Courtois, currently on loan with Champions League finalists Atletico Madrid, admits his Chelsea future has still to be resolved.

Thibaut Courtois 6

The 22-year-old Belgium international, who is at the end of his third season on loan from Chelsea, added it would not be “the healthiest thing” for him to return to the Blues given Petr Cech’s form.

“The two of us want to play everything. Nobody will be happy to play in only the League Cup or FA Cup,” he said.

“Things are unclear at the moment.”

Courtois added that the high standards set by 32-year-old Cech, who has been at Chelsea for 10 years, meant it might be best for both if he continued his career elsewhere.
“I have the biggest respect for Petr Cech. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world so I think putting him and me in the same team is not the healthiest thing in the world,” Courtois told BBC Sport.

“We will see in the next week if we can sit together with Chelsea to find something for next year, find out what they want, what my desire is. We will see.”

“It was strange and weird knocking out Chelsea,” added Courtois.

“Normally when you win a semi-final you celebrate really hard but I didn’t do it because Chelsea bought me and gave me the opportunity to play for Atletico for three years.

“I think I showed respect to the Chelsea players and supporters and they to me. It was a nice feeling and hopefully I can give them those things back in the future.”

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