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Thierry Henry Begins Training With The New York Red Bulls

Former Barcelona striker Thierry Henry enjoyed his first training session with his New York Red Bull teammates yesterday.

Arsenal legend Henry took part after officially signing with NYRB on Thursday.

Henry said : “It was the first one, but you don’t even know how happy I am,”

“I was so happy to come here and finally get to see my teammates.

“Obviously I had to in the past two days a lot of stuff, a presentation and some shows, but I come here to play so I was so in a rush to meet the guys. Tomorrow I’m going see the game in Columbus to try to cheer them up and be part of the team. That’s why I came.”

The French striker has a week to get acclimated before his first appearance in a friendly against Tottenham Thursday at Red Bull Arena as part of the Barclays New York Football Challenge.

“What a script right? First game against Tottenham,” Henry told the New York Post. “I didn’t even know because I think it was planned not that long ago.”

(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images North America)

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