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Thierry Henry Fears For Arsenal Ahead Of Champions League Draw

It has been reported that Arsenal legend Thierry Henry fears for his old club ahead of the Champions League knockout phase.

Thierry Henry 4

The NYRB striker watched his old side scrape through to the knockout stages after losing 2-0 to Napoli.

It’s left them staring down the barrel of one of the big boys – Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Paris St-Germain, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid – in the last 16.

Speaking as a pundit on Sky Sports, Henry said: “If you win the Champions League you have to go through the teams.

“You play Real Madrid, they come out they play. Some of the time the players won’t track back. The same with PSG, the same with Barcelona. Sometimes they leave themselves exposed.”

When asked who Arsenal will most want to avoid, Henry said: “Atletico don’t give you one centimetre.

“I’m saying Atletico because I had to choose one to not play against.

“But basically you don’t want to play against all those teams.”

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