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So day two and the rising tide of hate and a feeling on injustice has not faded, France’s Thierry Henry continues to get flake from the World including the French Media.

“The hand of God,” screamed a headline on the front page of French sports daily L’Equipe after France drew 1-1 with a brave Ireland side at Stade de France for a 2-1 aggregate playoff win.

The reference to Maradona’s infamous hand-made goal in a 1986 World Cup quarter-final against England came after Henry controlled the ball with his hand in a crowded penalty area and crossed for Gallas to bundle home the decider on 103 minutes.

France, who had beaten Ireland 1-0 at Croke Park on Saturday, clearly struggled before their fans and Ireland were the better side.

“France have qualified for the 2010 World Cup, that’s for sure, but the result, the most essential thing in sport after all, is not enough to erase the uneasy feeling we had last night,” L’Equipe wrote.


Back in Sweden the officials of the match were crucified too, Swedish tabloids Thursday rubbished the Swedish trio that officiated over the World Cup play-off between France and Ireland

‘Bungle of a lifetime’ blasted Stockholm tabloid Aftonbladet.

‘(Referee) Martin Hansson deprived Ireland of a World Cup spot through the worst mistake by a Swedish referee we have seen in almost 20 years,’ wrote Aftonbladet columnist Erik Niva.

‘Even a person who doesn’t care about football recognises the feeling of being cheated, deceived and botched.

‘All over the world there are some 80 million Irishmen. I guarantee that they all feel pretty bad today. A group of brave football players likely feel the worst. But I really hope that there are three Swedes that feel even more worse.

‘Their names are Martin Hansson, Stefan Wittberg and Fredrik Nilsson,’ Niva added.

Stockholm rival Expresssen’s headline said ‘Hansson should avoid visiting Ireland again’.

‘It is not easy or appreciated to be a referee,’ Expresssen columnist Johan Orrenius said.


And the picture jokes continues:


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