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Tim Howard : Michael Bradley Inspired Us!

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard has revealed how USA teammate Michael Bradley took charge at halftime of their 2-2 draw with Slovenia.

The US went into the break 2-0 down, but rallied to keep their qualification hopes alive.

Howard says it was midfielder Bradley who inspired his teammates at halftime.

He said: “That’s Michael. I think he was pretty energized at halftime, as a lot of us were.

“He wanted all the talk to stop and for us to put our money where our mouth was and in the second half I think he did a good job of being that example. He was the one taking the fight to them, being all over the place, kicking and scratching and biting.

“He was taking a lot of chances in the way of getting himself in the box. I could see when I was playing it long to Jozy and Clint, I could see him taking risks getting himself forward. It paid off.”

Michael Bradley

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