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Villa Legend McGrath Fed-Up With The Sparring Of Mourinho And Arsenal’s Wenger

Reports are out claiming that Aston Villa legend Paul McGrath has told Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger to GROW UP!

Jose Mourinho Arsene Wenger

McGrath, a Chelsea fan, is fed-up with the sparring of Mourinho and Arsenal rival Arsene Wenger.

He wrote in the Sunday World: “These are two of the most significant figures in the modern game and they spend far too much time goading each other in press conferences.

“I get angry when I have to listen to the bull that Wenger and Mourinho come up with when they are talking about each other, as the action on the field is far more important that what they think about each other.

“It’s good fun for the media to have these two giants going toe-to-toe in the verbal sparring stakes, but the two guys should be bigger than that at this stage.”

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