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WAGS – Elen Rives, girlfriend/ex-fiancee of Frank Lampard

Elen Rives and Frank Lampard were engaged to be married and have lived together for seven years. They have two daughters, Luna, three, and Isla, one.

Lampard is a popular English football midfielder and son of footballer Frank Lampard, Sr., and author of an autobiography, ‘Totally Frank,’ published in August 2006. His prominence as one of the world’s highest paid footballers has long made his finance Elen Rives one of the more well known WAGs (wives and girlfriends) in the UK.

Elen Rives was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1979. She left Spain in 1997 to live in the United Arab Emirates, which appealed to her as the gathering place of the super wealthy. She worked as a waitress in the Pomodoro nightclub of the Forte Grand Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This is where she met a Jordanian, Nael Asad Y Abu-Rmaileh, who was the club manager and who became her husband. She converted to the Islamic faith when she married him.

The couple remained in Abu Dhabi and then moved to London and worked in nightclubs. Over time, the couple drifted apart and Elen Rives met and became involved with Frank Lampard. She divorced her husband a few months later, in 2002.

Since her involvement with Frank Lampard, Elen Rives has retired from modeling. She gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Luna, in 2005. The second daughter, Isla, was born in May 2007. In addition to the aforementioned townhouse, the couple also own a £4 million (U.S. $5.8 million) country manor in Esher, Surrey.

The couple split in 2009 and it was reported that Rives may be entitled to up to half of Frank Lampard’s 23 million fortune, despite not being married to him.







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