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WAGS – Vanessa Lorenzo Girlfriend of Carles Puyol


Barcelona’s Carles Puyol has a new squeeze and it’s none other than 36-year-old Vanessa Lorenzo.

Measuring at 5′ 7½”, Lorenzo is sometimes classified as a “petite model”, although the measurements for petite and regular fashion models are not strictly defined. Lorenzo started modeling when she was ten years old.

Later, at the age of 17, she left Spain for Paris where a local modeling agency thought her figure and characteristics would do well. The day after she arrived, she was rushed to London to shoot a campaign for Pepe Jeans. After that she began to work internationally. She lived in Paris for three years, but always returned to Spain because of her family in Barcelona. Lorenzo currently lives in New York.

Lorenzo was signed by the Group modeling agency at a young age.[clarification needed] After finishing second in the Elite Look of the Year modeling competition when she was 16, she moved to Paris and then New York to work as a fashion model.

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