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Waka Waka (Las Chicas del Can) 1982 – Video

Browsing YouTube has never ceased to amaze me, and today just about 5 minutes ago i came across this yet another version of the famous Waka Waka song by Shakira, i probably should not say “yet another” considering these gals singing in the video performed this in 1982, when Shakira was about 6 years old!

There’s a spanish explanation about the video and since i do not speak spanish i had to turn to the trusted old friend called Google translate and here’s what it says (don’t expect proper grammar please!) :

“This is a video of the girls can, and the title of the song is black, very famous in the 80 `s the song is 1982 I hope that people are informed and famous, I hope your comments and criticisms! Greetings!”

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