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Walcott, Giroud To Share Arsenal Strike Responsibilities

Reports have emerged claiming that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that the duo of Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud will be sharing the responsibility of leading the line for the Gunners this season.

Theo Walcott 4

Many were baffled by Arsenal’s decision not to sign a new striker over the summer but it appears that he has his sights set on Walcott and Giroud becoming a tandem pairing.

Wenger has been alternating between Walcott and Giroud in attack so far and the French manager suggests he is planning to share the responsibilities for the two strikers throughout the course of the campaign as he does not want either of them to burn out by playing too many games.

Wenger said: “With Olivier Giroud, it is a competition with Walcott. When one plays people always ask, ‘Why did you not play the other one?’ When you have two top-level strikers, some games Giroud plays and some games Walcott plays. Nobody anymore can play 60 games per season.

“What we want to do is make the right decision for the right game. Giroud is a guy who has a positive attitude, who is ready to have a go.

“He is a very strong man and, with his back to the wall, Giroud can always respond. I think he has assets in the game. For two guys it can be interesting for the squad as they both have different qualities. They complement each other very well.

“Giroud’s all-round game is vital because it is one of his assets. He can protect the ball, he can hold the ball, he can bring other plays in.

“That’s one of the big parts of his game and that is why he creates so many chances and that is why the other players love him and love to play with him.”

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