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Welcome To The New TFM

Over the past few weeks many behind the scenes upgrades has been done to this site, believe it or not the site is just about 4 months old, however it continues to grow from month to month and is now averaging 3,500 unique visitors per day.

In the past month the site has moved from one server to another, appearantly there’s a lot of you who love the live footy streaming that’s provided on this site and that made the move to another server the next logical step as the traffic was taking it’s toll on the previous server.

Talking about Live Footy, don’t forget to visit and bookmark our upcoming project (still new) Watch Live Football Stream.

The New TFM Design

As you can see quite clearly the site has also undergone some cosmetic changes, it looks more sleek, organized and clean, we’ve also added a link to our twitter account , so all you twats twitter user out there can now stalk us.

Of course as with anything new there’s bound to be some few kinks in the machine, so if you do spot anything that’s out of place please comment below or Contact Us

What do you think about the design? Hopefully it will help you navigate this site even more easily.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to drop by for this week’s International Streaming 😉


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