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Werder Bremen Keeping Cool Over Mesut Ozil Interest

Mesut Ozil

Interesting news are out and it has been reported that Werder Bremen are not panicking over growing interest for Mesut Ozil.

It has been reported that the German youngster is a top target for Premier League club Arsenal, but Werder are insistent they are not worrying about this latest batch of speculation.

Werder Bremen’s general manager Klaus Allofs told German newspapers that the club will have to deal with all rumours regarding Mesut’s future.

He added that he is not annoyed by these news and hopes that the player and his agent can keep cool too.

However he added that it would definitely be better if the player’s contract would be a longer one.

Klaus went on to say that up to now there are no further talks and also no agreement when to pick up contract talks between the club and Mesut Ozil.

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