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West Brom Insist No Insult Of Man Utd’s Marouane Fellaini Intended

Marouane Fellaini 10

Reports are out claiming that West Bromwich Albion insist they did not seek to insult Marouane Fellaini during their 2-2 draw with Manchester United.

As the Belgium international warmed up, WBA tweeted:

“Fellaini has now taken his tracksuit off, fortunately he has a Man Utd strip on underneath #WBAMUN”

It was claimed that it was a dig at Fellaini, who scored for United, as if Albion were mockingly glad that the Belgian midfielder was playing for their opponents.

But it was merely a misjudged ‘oo-er missus’ reference to the player getting stripped, but fortunately having some clothes under his tracksuit, reports the Birmingham Mail.

Following the Twitter storm, Albion even took the step of issuing an apology on their official Twitter feed later in the evening, writing: “Sorry if a joke about a footballer not having a shirt on under his tracksuit top has caused such outrage. It was not intended as a slur.”

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