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World Cup 2014 Brazil Logo Released – Video

The World Cup is barely over but FIFA has already released the logo for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, the design is entitled “Inspiration” and was chosen out of 25 finalist.

The logo is a representation of the World Cup trophy formed by three linked hands in the national colors of Brazil, yellow and green with the year of the tournament appearing in a bright red hand-drawn typeface. While the red certainly stands out, the Brazilian flag is yellow, green and blue. The style of the hands is very loosely drawn.

As with almost every major logo launch, there has been much online debate and a certain amount of criticism about its execution. Some commentators have mentioned that a logo for a football competition shouldn’t feature hands wrapped around the ball. Others have referred to it as cheap clipart with the fingers on the hands resembling an alien’s fingers.

Source: Sitepoint

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