Xavi : I Almost Joined Manchester United!

Barcelona midfielder Xavi has admitted that he almost signed for Manchester United earlier in his career.

It is said that Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to take the Spanish international midfielder away from Barca as he struggled to find space in the first team.

Xavi told the London Evening Standard that : “There was a long time when I genuinely thought about accepting United’s offer and moving to Manchester,”.

“I needed a change of scenery and things were not going well for me at Barcelona. I have always felt a real attachment to English football and Manchester United would be my club in England.

“The truth was that for a long chunk of my career, when it looked like I was the successor to Pep Guardiola in midfield, I was made to feel like an outsider, a bad guy for taking over from the legendary captain.

“We are not good at handling change here. The new guy is sometimes looked at like the bad guy. What made the difference is that I’m as stubborn as a mule. I thought about going to United but I dug my heels in.

The World Cup winner then ended by saying : “I was obstinate and I said to myself ‘I need to prove myself here’.”

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