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Zenden Confident Of Signing For Sunderland


Interesting news are out and it has been reported that Zenden has revealed that he is confident that he can prove his fitness and sign for Sunderland at the end of next week.

The Dutch midfielder, now age 33, is a free agent after his contract expired at Marseille and he told reporters that it has been one week since he started training with Sunderland and that he will continue for another week.

Zenden also said that there are not many people here at the moment because of the international break but that does not prevent him from working hard.

Zenden went on to say that he will know if he will sign a contract only towards the end of next week and said that what is certain is that the bosses are interested in him and that they only want to see if he is physically fit or not.

Zenden also revealed that he has not stopped training since leaving Marseille and that he has worked six times a week since this summer.

The former Liverpool winger also said that Sunderland is a very nice club and that it is ver well organised, with superb facilities.

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