Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger Wants Final Resolution With FIFA Arrests

Arsene Wenger 39

Reports are out claiming that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes FIFA corruption rumours must finally be proved one way or another after seven leading figures from world football’s governing body were arrested on suspicion of taking bribes.

The French tactician said: “I prefer the whole inquiry is finished and done well and the rumours disappear.

“There is nothing worse than rumours. Or they kill it and come out and say there was nothing wrong in it so we can move on, or the people who have done wrong are punished. Then of course you want to have a new start. Let’s wait until the conclusions come out. It is for sure that we have to move on and not continue to think… the rumours have to be killed, that is for sure.

“What is embarrassing [for football] is you wonder what the FBI are doing in there, I don’t know.”

The Frenchman added that “it looks difficult now” for FIFA to host their presidential election this Friday — although Sepp Blatter has not been implicated in any wrongdoing —but the organisation this morning stated that they will go ahead as planned.

“I don’t know if people are guilty of corruption, that’s just a suspicion,” said Wenger. “If people are guilty, of course you want action to be taken.

“Nothing has been proven. Sometimes we are too quick to convict people who have not been proven guilty, so we have to be very cautious.”

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