Arsenal Boss Wenger Can Understand Many Ex-Footballers Falling On Hard Times

It has been reported that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger can understand many ex-footballers falling on hard times.

Arsene Wenger 42

The French tactician feels the reasons are simple.

He told Arsenal magazine: “It is for one simple reason: because you are at the end of your job at an age when life normally starts. That is something extremely difficult [to handle] when you think that most football careers stop at 32, 33 – when usually people start a career.

“Also you have dedicated the biggest part of your life to a job that ends, while other people invested time in learning other jobs. So if you want to compete for those other jobs, you have a huge handicap.

“The second thing is that you lose your passion. What is a man without passion? He is a sad man. You lose passion, fame and income all together at a very young age. To replace that is nearly impossible.

“If I tell you now that you will be one of the best people in the world at what you do, but from tomorrow it is finished you will start to think, ‘how can I become the best again now?’

“It is impossible; there is no way out of that. What you lost you cannot compensate anymore. If you analyse it there is only one way to be happy – to remain in touch with football.”

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