Arsenal Fans Hit out at ‘extortionate’ tickets prices

arsenal-fansAn angry group of Arsenal fans have written to chief executive Ivan Gazidis to stress concerns about the club’s ticket prices.

The debate has gathered pace with the Gunners in the firing line after Manchester City sent back more than 900 tickets for Sunday’s game at the Emirates because many supporters refused to pay £62.

‘It appears that the full implications of last year’s ticketing review are starting to hit home,’ read the letter. ‘From the season’s start, the new ticket pricing structure was viewed with great cynicism. For many, it was a perceived case of giving with one hand, taking back (and then some) with the other.

‘Of course reduced ticket prices for the lesser games are welcome, yet the flip side is the ever more extortionate pricing for our more glamorous fixtures. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any football fan who considers the club’s Category A prices (£62 to £126) reasonable.

‘Was the overall plan of the ticketing review merely to address the increasing number of empty seats for our bread-and-butter games in the belief that Category A fixtures would sell out no matter what the price?

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