Arsenal, Liverpool Target Alexandre Lacazette Yet To Make Lyon Decision

Alexandre Lacazette 1

Reports are out claiming that Olympique Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette has again insisted no decision has been made about next season.

Lacazette has been linked with Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

He told Le Parisien: “I have not made my decision. I will go on holiday, leave my agent to discuss things, for him to look after all that. I am not worried.

“It won’t worry me at all. As soon as I have decided, I want it all to happen quickly. When? That is the question. I could stay at Lyon next season and have a terrible season, I could leave and have an incredible season.

“Everything depends on the destination. It would have to be for a Champions League club, Barcelona and Real Madrid, you don’t reject them.

“But today, between leaving and staying, it is not 50-50, it is 0. I am not thinking about it. I am going to enjoy the national team and I will think about it after.”

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