Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere Playing Style Un-English – Xavi

Reports are out claiming that Jack Wilshere has an un-English style of playing according to Barcelona legend Xavi.

Jack Wilshere 3

Xavi came up against the midfielder for Barcelona in the Champions League and speaking to Sport Magazine Xavi described his playing style as more synonymous with a different European nation.

Wilshere has been injured for much of the season so far, but Xavi was quick to stress his importance to both Arsenal and England.

“He played a fantastic game against us [in 2011]. Let’s not forget he was just 20 or 21 years old (Wilshere was 19). It’s just a shame he got injured so many times over the past two years,” Xavi said.

“If he gets going and a bit of continuity as well, he may make the difference for both Arsenal and the English national team. He is a different kind of English player.”

“Even though he has been nourished in a physical type of football, he is really talented, gifted for passing and he does not give the ball away. He does not seem to be English!”

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