Arsene Wenger Admits Arsenal Must Buy To Catch Up To Chelsea

Arsene Wenger 35

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted that they are playing catch-up on champions Chelsea.

As Wenger takes on Manchester United at Old Trafford today insisting that finishing ahead of his old rivals and securing the automatic Champions League spot is vital, he concedes that Chelsea have raced ahead of the pack this season

“Chelsea made a big leap this year because they’ve lost just two games,” said Wenger. “So you must say that is a massive leap to what they did last season. But they had good cohesion at the back and went into the season brought in Diego Costa. He and Cesc Fabregas gave them a big boost.

“But I think you feel the strength of the team when you play against them. And I think we’ll fight against them and it’ll be tight against them next season for everybody, because Liverpool will respond as well.

“I think we have made progress. We have that feeling in the squad but it’s still a questioned because we are behind Chelsea and behind with a pack of Man City and Man United. We go into the uncertainty of how strong they will be next season. Nobody knows that.”

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