Arsene Wenger Admits Long-Term Quality Of Coaching Under Threat

Arsene Wenger claims the long-term quality of coaching is under threat because of a high turnover of coaches.

Arsene Wenger 10

The Arsenal boss said : “If you want quality people in any job, you need to give them time to develop,”.

“[Coaches] need time to become good or people with the quality will not come into our job anymore.”

Wenger, who has been with Arsenal since 1996, added: “The average (job life) expectancy at an English professional club, at the moment, is 11 months, and that is quite unstable.

“Every guy who is married, has a family, will have a big hesitancy before he goes into that game.

“That means the quality of the coaching and the quality of the managing is under threat.”

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