Arsene Wenger Eager To Help England Develop Young Players

It has been reported that Arsene Wenger has been discussing how to improve English football’s development pyramid.

The Arsenal boss was asked for input by the FA Commission for their report.

Arsene Wenger 14

The Frenchman said : “I am always ready to learn so that means I will read the report — I am very keen to see how you can improve the game,”.

“For me, to make it as simple as possible… at the moment the development of young players in England, you have to balance the training and the competition.

“The competition has too much importance and the training too little. The time the kids spend on the pitch from the age of eight to 17 in training is too short. The time they spend in competition is too big, so to add more competition does not make sense.

“The sense is made by reducing the competition time and increasing the time in training. I have seen too many kids come to the age of 17 or 18 and they cannot head the ball, they have no left foot because they have not practised enough. After, what they try to do is to improve the level of competition after the age of 18, when the education is finished.

“That makes sense because at the moment you have a problem for the people who come out of the academies who don’t get the level of competition they need. That is why some clubs have feeder clubs.”

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