Arsene Wenger Insists Arsenal Do Not Need To Spend Big This Summer

Arsene Wenger 34

Arsene Wenger insists Arsenal do not need to spend big this summer.

The French tactician is adamant the squad does not need a major injection of fresh blood over the summer, just adding the right calibre of player to an already abundant talent pool.

“People are always having good ideas and it looks good strengthening here, there, but when you go to who (to buy), it is much more difficult,” said Wenger.

“You can always look at possible areas where you can strengthen, but sometimes in your own team the cohesion is important as well, and that is linked to the type of players that play together.”

Wenger added: “It always sounds logical. Who doesn’t want a good spine?

“But to know each other, to play together at the back, in the heart of the game is important as well.

“To add to the extreme (positions) sometimes it is less risky, but where the heart of the team is, playing together for a long time is very important as well.”

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