‘Balotelli can be a champion’ – Seedorf (Video)

mario-balotelliClarence Seedorf, 4-time Champions League winner: (His analysis on the Champions League quarter-finals)

“These games are very balanced. All good teams, a couple of surprises, like Malaga. Borussia Dortmund is a team that showed to be a surprise, but a dangerous team and, who knows, could make it all the way. In the group phase they made Real Madrid suffer quite a lot. And all the other games I think are quite equal. Of course, we have the Barcelona game with PSG (Paris St. Germain) – first game home for them. It’s not an easy task but the ball is round and, who knows, they can pull something off. Barcelona, of course, is the favourite.”

(On Mario Balotelli and AC Milan)

“Balotelli’s arrival at Milan has created great enthusiasm, the enthusiasm they were missing. He brings quality specific to an attacker of his talent. He has shown he can be a champion. He can help the team win. At this moment are in a transitional phase, they’ve lost a lot of historic champions in the last few years and therefore they are heading down a path to bring Milan back to the top in the future.”

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