CHAMPIONS LEAGUE : Barcelona v Arsenal – QUOTES

Barcelona v Arsenal - QUOTES


ARSENE WENGER : “I built the club with hard work, without any external resources and, if you compare where we are today to when I arrived, we have moved forward and without any money from anybody, just the money we produced from the work,” said Wenger.

“The problem when you’re a long time somewhere [is that] you are questioned about your dedication, but I don’t question my dedication at all and I give more time to my club now than when I arrived.

“I have no doubts about my huge motivation. I am even more motivated from the first day I arrived and feel the pressure and the responsibility to keep moving this club forward more now.”

“I am honest enough to make sure that I give my best. I’m not too much of an image person, I just want to think I give my best for this club and I’m determined to do that. Honest dedication and total commitment is the most important thing.”

LUIS ENRIQUE : “In the modern era it is impossible [staying at a club for so long],” Enrique said of the Frenchman.

“It is not the case now with any coach. It means Wenger is a very good coach, no one doubts about that and only the chosen ones can be such a long time in one club – it is because of their good quality.

“I really don’t have a deep knowledge to assess the situation of Mr Wenger, but every time there are more coaches out there and more competition and possibilities – the number of teams is always the same but there are more coaches,.

“That is why it is difficult to be 20 years in the same position, and that is why he has done a good job and is at a good level.”

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