Daniel Agger Blasts Liverpool Manager Roy Hodgson

Sensational news are out and it has been reported that Daniel Agger has launched an amazing attack on Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson.

The former Liverpool manager has opted for Martin Skrtel and Jamie Carragher at the heart of the defence for the last two games with Agger left on the bench.

The furious Kop star raged: “I like to keep the ball on the ground and I’m going to keep doing that. The manager has a philosophy we’re playing football further up the pitch and you have to play a different kind of football at the back.

“But I’m not going to be a player that unloads the ball every single time I get it.”

But the centre-half, 25, speaking on a TV show in his native Denmark, added: “Whether he’ll use me or not, time will tell.

“I’ll fight for my chance but I know what I represent, and I think he also knows that.

“Our play has changed but I’m not going to adjust 100 per cent.”

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