Drogba : Chelsea Need To Start Winning!

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has declared that the team does not need meetings and that they just need a win.

While Drogba feels the talking has been beneficial, he strongly believes that the Premier League champions will only get back to their best if they start tasting victory on a regular basis and shouldn’t worry about the style in which they do it.

He said: “There are always good things coming out of meetings but what is really going to change things is getting three points, a good run to change this.

“There are many ways to win. Just concentrating on getting the three points is one and when you know you’re in a difficult moment, you just want to win. Playing well will come later. We first have to focus on winning games. We are still going to fight. We are desperate, we need to win. When you win games, even if it is difficult, the fans can be happy, we can be happy and get more confidence. When you’re confident you can then play more good football.”

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