Drogba : I Have Been Carrying Injury All My Career

Chelsea striker Dider Drogba has revealed that he has been carrying an injury throughout his career at the club.

The Ivory Coast international striker was forced to undergo a surgery at the end of last season on his troublesome hernia and said that he feels he will be able to give more this season as the six-year injury gets better.

Drogba said that : “It was a hernia – I first had it six years ago,”

“For the last six years I have been struggling with it.

“I couldn’t really work, it was difficult sometimes for me to play some games. I also had to miss some training sessions.

“I learned how to play with it, how to deal with it. Now I am really happy because it has gone and I feel more free. No more tensions in the abductors.

“You know it is really good for me. I am really happy that I had it.

“It was strange to play without pain because sometimes last year I needed some tablets to play. Now I am not even asking. It is a good feeling.

“I don’t know if I can do better than last year. But the thing is I will feel better, more free in my movements on the pitch. I will feel much better and will be happy to have the same season as last year.”

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