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Ex-Liverpool Striker Craig Bellamy Explains Turning Down Manchester United

Craig Bellamy

Reports are out claiming that former Newcastle United and Liverpool star Craig Bellamy has explained turning down Manchester United.

The Welshman admits concern over a knee injury forced him to reject the approach.

“Fergie met with my agent in 2002 and said: ‘Can you get him out of Newcastle?'” he revealed to the Daily Mail.

“The honest truth is my knee. I had just had an operation. I knew that if I went to Man United I would have to hit the ground running and with my knee that would have been impossible.

“I did think that maybe I should just go and deal with it then. Just get there… but I would have got caught out at United and that would have been terrible.

“I have to live with myself and sometimes that hasn’t been easy. But I had to be honest with myself so I was.”

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