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Fernando Torres Ready To Play Through The Pain Barrier

Torres 2

Interesting news are out and it has been reported that Fernando Torres will defy doctor’s orders to try to haul Liverpool out of their slump.

It is reported that groin-strain victim Torres wants to play against Birmingham on Monday despite being told not to play for three weeks.

This decision is now believed would spark a row with Spain who agreed not to pick Torres, now age 25, for their prestige date with Argentina.

The Reds striker was advised to rest when he flew to Valencia in the club’s jet to consult Dr Ramon Cugat, who saw Torres last season on boss Rafa Benitez’s recommendation.

Cugat appears to have assured Torres he would not need surgery if he paced himself properly.

Torres however was back at the Liverpool training ground yesterday and all the signs are he will continue to play through the pain as the Reds seek to halt their disastrous eight-game run with just one win.

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