Gary Neville Insists Man Utd One Signing Away From Glory

It has been revealed that Manchester United legend Gary Neville insists they’re only one major signing away from being Champions League contenders.

Louis van Gaal 28

Neville believes the players United need are the world’s top top superstars.

He said: “If you put two more players into Manchester United’s team, say a Gareth Bale or a Cristiano Ronaldo into that team, that team could win the league. Because the structure that is being built at this moment in time is solid.

“But they need that match-winner, that Neymar, that Luis Suarez, the one that is going to light up a game and score one or two goals to take it away, then all of a sudden they would look like a Barcelona, because they’re dominating possession, making teams look foolish.

“I do think they are quite close when I think about it with my head, but my heart thinks I’d like to see them die trying a little bit more and go for it.

“But he’s a year-and-a-half in, Louis van Gaal, and he should get a lot more time to do what he wants to do.”

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